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Queen: Selecting the Proper Hair Accessory (選對髮型工具) – Part 2

The second style in this episode was created using an extra large hair screw.     First, tie up all your hair.  Coil hair ties were highly recommended on the show.     Fold the pigtail in half (if that … Continue reading

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Queen: Selecting the Proper Hair Accessory (選對髮型工具) – Part 1

In this episode of Queen, they demonstrated how to properly use various hair accessories.  The first one they showed was the hair screw or spiral pin.  (The brand Goody also makes a version called the Goody Spin Pin.)  The style they … Continue reading

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Inspiring Beauty

Lately, I’ve been hooked on the show Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大) or Queen.  It’s a Taiwanese show that focuses on women, including make-up, skincare and hair.  My mandarin is awful, but the demonstrations that they do on the … Continue reading

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Japanese Style, Asian Flare

The weather has been crAzy hot the last few days.  Even with an air conditioner at home, it’s still around 29 degrees celcius.  We normally get Japanese takeout when the weather is just too hot to cook, but I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Making a Statement: Necklaces

It’s amazing how statement accessories can immediately jazz up an outfit.  It can make any T-shirt and jeans/cargo pants combo look comfy and casual, yet chic at the same time. Right now, I’m obsessing over this picture I found on Celebrity-Moms.  (I’ve also … Continue reading

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Turquoise Beauty

A few days ago, I came across Ruby Mines‘ website and became completely infatuated with her tutorial on the Chan Luu Turqoise Wrap Bracelet.  Of course, I immediately went to look for materials to make the bracelet, but cheaped out when … Continue reading

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Messy Eaters

I was searching the Babies R Us website and came across these Kipiis Bib Clips.  According to the website: Kipiis Bib Clips let you make anything a bib – napkin, cloth diaper, kitchen towel. Just clip the two rounded fasteners … Continue reading

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