Making a Statement: Necklaces

It’s amazing how statement accessories can immediately jazz up an outfit.  It can make any T-shirt and jeans/cargo pants combo look comfy and casual, yet chic at the same time.

Right now, I’m obsessing over this picture I found on Celebrity-Moms.  (I’ve also seen this picture on The Budget Babe.)  Doesn’t Jessica Alba look so amazing with this necklace on?  There’s actually nothing particularly special about what she’s wearing, but the addition of a statement necklace (and her daughter in her arms) just makes her outfit look so pulled together.  I feel so compelled to just go to the mall and buy a gazillion necklaces right now. 

Although, I like the necklace that Jessica Alba is wearing, I don’t think I can get away with wearing something so chunky.  I’m petite ( barely 5′ 1″) with a fairly small head, so a necklace of this size would probably be too overpowering on me. 

After a quick search online, here are a few necklaces that I’m lovin’:

From top left (clockwise):  Spring Shoes, Wilkenson; Aldo, Eutsler; Forever 21, Pearlescent Dainty Necklace; Spring Shoes, Korth; Aldo, Camereno

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