Japanese Style, Asian Flare

The weather has been crAzy hot the last few days.  Even with an air conditioner at home, it’s still around 29 degrees celcius.  We normally get Japanese takeout when the weather is just too hot to cook, but I didn’t want to send my husband and kids out in the burning hot sun after he picks them up from daycare.  Instead, I decided to make a simple Japanese “bento-like” dinner for the kids, and a plain salad and steak for me and hubby.

I went on my favorite YouTube channel, Cooking With Dog, for some inspiration and found her “How to Make Bento (Japanese Boxed Lunch)” video.  I love watching Cooking With Dog.  Her videos are so easy to understand that even I’ve been able to recreate some of her recipes.

There was a lot of Chinese style BBQ duck and BBQ pork in my fridge from the day before, so I decided to just shred them up and use them to make sushi.  On the side, I also had:

  1. a bowl of corn
  2. one slightly beaten egg that’s been fried thinly; 1/2 of the egg cut into strips and 1/2 cut into bite sized pieces
  3. steamed rice
  4. hoisin sauce
  5. 2 weiners
  6. sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes (optional)

First, I mixed the BBQ duck and pork with a bit of hoisin sauce, then I proceeded to make rolled sushi with the duck, pork and eggs.  Next, I made some heart- and star-shaped sushis.  I put a cookie cutter on top of a piece of saran wrap, put a small spooful of rice inside, filled it with a small piece of meat, then covered up the top with more rice.  I used the saran wrap to press the shapes together tightly before unmolding.  I tried doing this without the saran wrap and it turned into a very sticky mess.

I then fried the weiners into little octopuses (see Cooking With Dog video for instructions).



Last, I combined the rest of the ingredients and put them into a small container.  This is my idea of a simple Peking duck filling.  What it’s doing in a Japanese inspired dinner…I do not know.  I guess with the BBQ pork and duck, it’s more of a Japanese-Chinese fusion inspired dinner.

Finished!  Simple, yet yummy enough for the kids.

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