Queen: Selecting the Proper Hair Accessory (選對髮型工具) – Part 3

According to the show, the first generation of hair volumizing inserts were the Bumpits, followed by the Japanese Volume Hair Base.  This episode demonstrates how to use the Volume Hair Base.


There is also a third generation of inserts, but more on this in another post.



First, section hair horizontally starting from the flattest part on the back of your head and place the largest hair base where you sectioned your hair.  The raised part of the insert should be facing up.


Take down part of the sectioned hair to cover the hair base.



Now, the top part of your head will look really flat, so place the smaller insert on your head with the flat part of the insert facing forward.  Use judgement to determine best position for insert.  It should look natural.


Cover up the insert with the rest of the sectioned hair then tie hair into a half-up do with a hair tie.  Holding onto the the hair tie with one hand, use the other hand to loosen up and shape the hair at the top.


If you want, you can spice up the style.  First, tie the ends of the half-up do with a hair tie.



Roll up the strand of hair and hold in place with a bobby pin or hair screw.


Fix any loose loose pieces of hair with bobby pins.  Insert bobby pin from front to back, horizontally, to secure.



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