Playing with Hair Screw and Accessories

After watching the episode on how to use hair screws on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (see my entry here), I’ve been playing with my Goody Spin Pins a lot.  You can pretty much use it any way you would a normal bobby pin: for hair buns, french twists, up-dos, fancier pigtails, half-up do’s, etc. 

I absolutely love my spin pins.  They hold a lot better than bobby pins and you don’t end up with 5000 pins in your head by the time you’re finished with your do.  The hold is just as sturdy, but it doesn’t feel as tight as when you’re using bobby pins and hair ties.  I have severe eczema on my scalp and sometimes hair ties can feel painful to me after a few hours, but the spin pin actualy feels ok at the end of the day.

After putting up your hair with the spin pin, you can just clip in any hair accessories.  Or you can even make your own accessory.  Here, I made a bow with a handkerchief I had lying around.  Very Lady Gaga.


This is a magazine scan of the June 2010 issue of Popteen.  It shows you how to make a handkerchief bow.



You can also attach or loop a piece of ribbon, lace, brooch, necklace or bracelet onto your spin pin before you put it on.  Here, I used a necklace.  Mine is kinda messy, as I was trying to put it in my hair and take a picture of the back of my head (which is an extremely difficult task) before my baby woke up from her nap.

Another plus with the spin pins is that after you put your hair down from a bun, it creates the most gorgeous waves in your hair.  Can’t wait for the large hair screws to come into Canada (see here).

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