My Eczema – How it Started (Part 1)

Having eczema has always been a part of my life.  I was born with it.  According to my mom, it started to get really bad when I was about 6 months old.  Apparently, I was sick with a cough, so she applied some Vicks ointment on my neck.  After a few days, my neck broke out in rashes.  However, they continued with the ointment because, by then, I was wheezing.

I remember scratching til my wound was beyond bloody.  It was raw, infected and weeping.  My eczema was the worse on my neck and behind my knees.  However, my eczema never really bothered me (not that I can remember) until I turned 10.  All of a sudden, I realized no one else had the rashes and I was trying very hard to “fit in”. 

I decided it had to stop once and for all.  I spent the whole summer just sitting and lying on the couch trying not to scratch.  Whenever I got really itchy, I would get my mom to blow on it, or go over it gently with a piece of tissue.  By the time school started again, my eczema was almost all gone.  My skin was unbelievably well-behaved after that summer.  My childhood eczema was over.  Even better, I barely even had any zits throughout high school.

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