My Eczema – How it Started (Part 2)

By the time I turned 18, everything changed.  I started getting very irritable and  I developed a temper that was like no other.  I was constantly yelling and picking fights with my boyfriend (now husband).  Even now, I have to wonder why he stayed with me.  I was utterly horrific. 

Gradually, over the year, I also started getting zits.  Lots of it.  A gazillion little tiny ones on my forehead and lots of larger ones on my face.  I decided to get some acene treatments done at an asian beauty centre.  It was horrible sitting there letting them pop each and every one of those zits with a needle.  I paid for 10 sessions, which cost me an arm and a leg consdering I only had a part-time job working at a fast food joint, but I only ended up going to 3 treatments before I gave up.  It was painful and it didn’t seem like it was working.  I was lost and I just didn’t know what to do.

Upon my boyfriend’s urging, I went to see a well-known dermatologist.  She prescribed a topical acne medication, and what she called “water pills”.  I didn’t know what water pills were at that time, but it didn’t matter to me because all I wanted was to get rid of the acne.

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