My Eczema – How it Started (Part 3)

Gradually over the next 2 years, most of my acne finally subsided.  Unfortunately, that’s when my eczema started to escalate.  My face was now extremely red and itchy.  I felt like I was starting right from the beginning again.  I went to see my family doctor and she prescribed Nerisone 0.1% ointment for me.  It worked so well!  I was ecstatic.  So, for the next 3 years, I used Nerisone almost every single day.  I tried stopping many times, but the minute I stopped, my face would be so red and itchy that I just couldn’t bare it.  I was too vain to go out in public with rashes.

By the third year, the Nerisone stopped working.  No matter how much or how many times a day I applied it, it just didn’t seem to be helping anymore.  I went back to the doctor to see if I could get a stronger prescription, but she refused to give me one.  Her advice was for me to stop using cortisones right away and to put nothing on my face, not even a moisturizer.  I told her it wasn’t possible because my face would rash up and bleed.  Her solution was for me to only use glycerin and rose water on my face.  In her words, “Would you rather rash or bleed?”  Um…neither, really.

I stopped seeing my family doctor after that appointment.

I had run out of my beloved Nerisone and my face was a wreck. 

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