Bright Starts – Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar

Of all the infant carrier toys we’ve bought in the last four years, one of our favorites has got to be the Bright Starts – Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar.  At 4 months old, my daughter was already able to put her hands on top of the frog’s head and press his eyes with her thumb to hear a tune.  Most of the other toys we bought were either too hard to activate the sounds, too far away to touch, or didn’t do much at all.  My babies all hate sitting in their carseat, so it was important for us to have a toy that could make music without us having to pull or press it every minute or so.  (My boys used to cry and vomit to the point where I wondered if they had motion sickness.  They didn’t.)  The velcro attachment also made it easy to attach and detach from the car seat.

Another toy bar that we’ve tried is the Infantino – Car Seat Buddies.  It looked kinda similar to the Hop Along Toy Bar, so we thought we’d  buy an extra one for home use.  However, the sound button is on the dog’s nose and my baby’s thumb is not long enough to press the button.  Also, unlike the Hop Along toy bar, the chances of my daughter accidentally pressing the sound button is slim.  Hence, she doesn’t like this toy bar as much as the frog one.

We have also tried the Bright Starts – Pretty in Pink Carrier Toy Bar.  My husband bought it because he thought our daughter needed at least one pink toy.  However, as with the Car Seat Buddies, she wasn’t able to turn on the sounds on the toy bar.  She’s doesn’t know that she has to pull hard on the dragon fly to turn it on.


One thing we love about our toy bars is that the velcro attachment could be used on almost anything.  We’ve used it on our high chairs, cribs and strollers.  We have also used it on our Fisher Price – Infant to Toddler Rocker.  This is an ok bouncer.  Nothing extremely special about it.  The only thing with this bouncer is that there is no way for your baby to touch the toys it comes with.  It’s just too far away for them to reach.  The carrier toy bar works quite well with this bouncer.

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