Queen – How to Achieve Electrifying Eyes (打造電眼美女) – Part 1

When applying eye make-up, the first step is to conceal the dark circles under your eyes.  Most people use a skin colored concealer and continuously wonder why the concealer doesn’t work.  In truth, you’ll never be able to cover the circles unless you neutralize the colors with color correctors.   The concealer recommended on the show was the Kesalan Patharan Under Tone Light-up Concealer. 

How to apply the concealer:

  1. gently pat the peachy color concealer onto your dark cirles starting from the inner corner of the eyes.  Remember:  the concealer goes on after foundation.
  2. use the yellow concealer on top of the peachy color to brighten up the entire area.
  3. apply a skin colored concealer on top for a flawless finish. 

The key is to apply only a light layer of concealer with every step.  If you use too much concealer, the eye area will appear very cakey.

The finished result.

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