My Eczema – How it Started (Part 4)

Without the nerisone, my face started getting really red and itchy.  I also started getting a lot of pus-filled bumps on my face that looked like acne, except they were super itchy.  There was no use popping them either cuz they would fill up with pus again in no time. 

I went to see several different dermatologists who refused to believe I had a cortisone overdose or steroid rosacea.  They just kept prescribing me more cortisone, each one stronger than the previous one.  Since they were doctors, I just went with their suggestions for a while, but always gave up after a  few days cuz I knew their medications weren’t working.

Upon my mother-in-law’s suggestion, I went to see a Chinese herbalist.  The herbalist determined that there was an imbalance in my body and that I had eaten too much “hot foods”, such as fried chicken and chips.  In Chinese, this is called “yeet hay”, which literally translates to “hot air”.  He went ahead and gave me medicine to “cool” me down and he also gave me a rub to put on my face.

After the first bowl of herbs, I already knew something wasn’t right, but my mother-in-law kept insisting that it takes about a week for Chinese medicine to take effect so I continued on.  The more I ate the worse it got.  Eventually, every part of my face was pus filled, including my ears, my neck and my eyes.  At one point I couldn’t even open my eyes cuz they were swollen shut.  I went to the doctor and I cried and screamed and refused to take any more medication from him.  I should’ve known he was no good cuz he didn’t even know what the rub he gave me was for.  I eventually looked it up and turns out it was just a chinese form of cortisone.

By now I was desperate and severly depressive.  I got my husband to take me to the emergency at our hospital, but they didn’t believe that I had an overdose and refused to call in the hospital dermatologist for what looked like a simple case of acne and eczema. 

I was devastated.

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