My Eczema – Road to Recovery (Part 1)

Depression and anxiety seem to come hand in hand with facial eczema.  By now, I was so self-conscious I refused to go to work.  I tried applying for long-term disability, but was told that depression and severe eczema did not qualify for disability.  As long as I can move, I have to go to work. 

The human resources department called me everyday even though the doctor had already filled out the forms for short-term illness.  I refused to pick up any calls, but they kept calling even after my husband told them that he would deal with them directly.

In the end, I convinced my husband and my family that being a housewife was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I quit my job.  Everyone thought it was a bad idea, especially because I could get Employment Insurance if I was laid off or terminated.  However, I couldn’t deal with the stress any longer and just wanted to get it over with.

Most of the day I would just sit at home searching the web trying to find a treatment to cure myself.  I was willing to spend as much money as required, even if it meant going to a different country for the best doctor available. 

After months of searching, I finally came upon the name Dr. Jan Dutz from The Skin Care Centre.  Unfortunately, there were no available appointments to see him so I was referred to Dr. Youwhen Zhou instead.  Much to my amazement, Dr. Zhou believed me when I told him I had an overdose.  Hearing a doctor tell me that he belived me felt so good that I just couldn’t stop crying.  He acknowledged that I can no longer use steroids and introduced me to Elidel

My face felt a bit better after using Elidel, but decided to see Dr. Dutz as well when an appointment slot opened up.  Dr. Dutz is a wonderful doctor.  He was very understanding to my ongoing outbursts of tears.  He was also very patient.  He prescribed Protopic for me and it has absolutely changed my life.

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