Tommee Tippee Cups

The daycare that my kids go to discourage the use of sippy cups because sippy cups have been linked to cavities and other dental issues.  So, I’m currently trying to wean my daughter off of her baby bottle.  Alas, it’s a much more difficult task than I originally imagined.  She does not like anything in her mouth, except for her bottle or her fingers.  I’ve tried a few different brands already and my current experiment is with the tommee tippee explora truly spill proof trainer.

What I like about this cup:

  • has an attached lid.  I hate leaving sippies out in the open.  Plus, my daughter loves playing with the lid.
  • easy to hold handles. 
  • easy to wash.

What I don’t like about this cup:

  • the spout is not always in the centre between the handles.  One of the cups I bought has the spout directly over one of the handles.  Now, how are you supposed to drink like that?  This is clearly a design flaw.
  • it’s not entirely spill proof.  Little drops of water do spill out occasionally.
  • you have to suck really hard to get the liquid out of the spout.  (Yes, I tried it out myself.)  It’s quite similar to drinking from a bottle, or maybe even more difficult than drinking from a bottle. (I take this back, pls refer to comment below.)

I removed the sippy insert and just use this like a normal cup with a spout.  This way, hopefully, my daughter will be able to learn to transition to a cup easier.  Also, liquids don’t flow through the spout as fast as with a cup, so it’s less messy when accidents happen.

I also bought the tommee tippee explora truly spill proof drink cups for my two boys.  As with the trainer cups, I removed the sippy attachment so they can use it like a cup.  This way, they don’t have to suck to get the liquids out of the cup.

*Edit*  I thought I should mention that I try to avoid letting my kids “suck” on sippies because my 4 year old is now having dental problems.  According to the dentist, it is a combination of sucking on his thumb and his sippy.  Also, I’ve tried removing the sippy attachment from other sippy cups, but they don’t work as well, mainly because the liquids flow out way too slowly.  I’ve also tried Contigo cups, but that didn’t go so well either.

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3 Responses to Tommee Tippee Cups

  1. Ilan Samson says:

    may I suggest that you watch the short instruction video

    and pay particular attention to the section about ‘button’ popping through the hole (1:29 1;32) and the slit in the ‘dome valve’ opening (between 1:35 – 1:48 on the video).

    If you still have any problem please don’t hesitate to reply to the above email.

    • Akiko says:

      Thanks for your comment, Ilan. I’ve watched the video and have been sucking on sippy cups all morning. =) It is a lot easier to suck, so I’ve retracted the comment on my post about it being harder to suck than a baby bottle. However, I do find it still drips every now and then. I would test it out and it’d be ok, but when I go back to check on my kids, little droplets do spill out, but it’s not detrimental and definitely they don’t drip as much as with other cups. I’ve tried it with all 8 of my tommee tippees. Nonetheless, these are my favorite cups so far, and I’ve tried quite a few in the last 4 years. I mean, I do have EIGHT tommee tippees!

  2. Ilan Samson says:

    Thank you, Akiko.

    I am relieved the cups are doing what they were meant to.

    Regarding the few drops which you see coming out: This is the small amount of liquid which, after drinking, inevitably remains in the spout ( above the valve), but after they come out no more follow because the valve is totally shut (as opposed to cups that are not properly spill-proof where the leakage continues).

    Also: The dental concerns about sippy cups arose from their typical impeded flow – where the means intended to prevent the leakage, equally get in the way of the drinking, thus leading to various problems:
    – Sugary liquids remaining longer in the mouth
    – The effortful suction forcing the cheeks against the gums
    HOWEVER: As you noticed, the valve of the new Explora cups has the special feature where the means that block the leakage do not effect the ease of drinking.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions.

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