My Eczema – Road to Recovery (Part 2)

Over the next few months, my face started stinging a lot less.  My face was still scarred with hyper pigmentation, rashes and swelling, but most of the pustule bumps had subsided.

By the end of the year, I was contacted by a company that I had interviewed for a year ago.  Apparently, I was put on the waitlist for any upcoming openings.  The offered me a job and, despite the fact that I was horrified to have to go back into the workforce with my “new” face, I accepted.

I convinced myself that no one would make fun of me at work because no one there had ever seen my face without rashes before.  No one will pity me.  I was right.  No one cared that I had eczema.  Instead, they were very understanding. 

After 3 months of working there, my coworker recommended that I go see her Chinese herbalist.  She said that this herbalist was able to cure her sister when no other doctor or herbalist was able to do so.  I was hesitant, as my last experience with a Chinese herbalist was quite traumatic, but after a month, I finally decided to give him a try.


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