My Eczema – How it Started (Part 4)

Without the nerisone, my face started getting really red and itchy.  I also started getting a lot of pus-filled bumps on my face that looked like acne, except they were super itchy.  There was no use popping them either cuz they would fill up with pus again in no time. 

I went to see several different dermatologists who refused to believe I had a cortisone overdose or steroid rosacea.  They just kept prescribing me more cortisone, each one stronger than the previous one.  Since they were doctors, I just went with their suggestions for a while, but always gave up after a  few days cuz I knew their medications weren’t working.

Upon my mother-in-law’s suggestion, I went to see a Chinese herbalist.  The herbalist determined that there was an imbalance in my body and that I had eaten too much “hot foods”, such as fried chicken and chips.  In Chinese, this is called “yeet hay”, which literally translates to “hot air”.  He went ahead and gave me medicine to “cool” me down and he also gave me a rub to put on my face.

After the first bowl of herbs, I already knew something wasn’t right, but my mother-in-law kept insisting that it takes about a week for Chinese medicine to take effect so I continued on.  The more I ate the worse it got.  Eventually, every part of my face was pus filled, including my ears, my neck and my eyes.  At one point I couldn’t even open my eyes cuz they were swollen shut.  I went to the doctor and I cried and screamed and refused to take any more medication from him.  I should’ve known he was no good cuz he didn’t even know what the rub he gave me was for.  I eventually looked it up and turns out it was just a chinese form of cortisone.

By now I was desperate and severly depressive.  I got my husband to take me to the emergency at our hospital, but they didn’t believe that I had an overdose and refused to call in the hospital dermatologist for what looked like a simple case of acne and eczema. 

I was devastated.

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Queen – How to Achieve Electrifying Eyes (打造電眼美女) – Part 1

When applying eye make-up, the first step is to conceal the dark circles under your eyes.  Most people use a skin colored concealer and continuously wonder why the concealer doesn’t work.  In truth, you’ll never be able to cover the circles unless you neutralize the colors with color correctors.   The concealer recommended on the show was the Kesalan Patharan Under Tone Light-up Concealer. 

How to apply the concealer:

  1. gently pat the peachy color concealer onto your dark cirles starting from the inner corner of the eyes.  Remember:  the concealer goes on after foundation.
  2. use the yellow concealer on top of the peachy color to brighten up the entire area.
  3. apply a skin colored concealer on top for a flawless finish. 

The key is to apply only a light layer of concealer with every step.  If you use too much concealer, the eye area will appear very cakey.

The finished result.

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Bright Starts – Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar

Of all the infant carrier toys we’ve bought in the last four years, one of our favorites has got to be the Bright Starts – Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar.  At 4 months old, my daughter was already able to put her hands on top of the frog’s head and press his eyes with her thumb to hear a tune.  Most of the other toys we bought were either too hard to activate the sounds, too far away to touch, or didn’t do much at all.  My babies all hate sitting in their carseat, so it was important for us to have a toy that could make music without us having to pull or press it every minute or so.  (My boys used to cry and vomit to the point where I wondered if they had motion sickness.  They didn’t.)  The velcro attachment also made it easy to attach and detach from the car seat.

Another toy bar that we’ve tried is the Infantino – Car Seat Buddies.  It looked kinda similar to the Hop Along Toy Bar, so we thought we’d  buy an extra one for home use.  However, the sound button is on the dog’s nose and my baby’s thumb is not long enough to press the button.  Also, unlike the Hop Along toy bar, the chances of my daughter accidentally pressing the sound button is slim.  Hence, she doesn’t like this toy bar as much as the frog one.

We have also tried the Bright Starts – Pretty in Pink Carrier Toy Bar.  My husband bought it because he thought our daughter needed at least one pink toy.  However, as with the Car Seat Buddies, she wasn’t able to turn on the sounds on the toy bar.  She’s doesn’t know that she has to pull hard on the dragon fly to turn it on.


One thing we love about our toy bars is that the velcro attachment could be used on almost anything.  We’ve used it on our high chairs, cribs and strollers.  We have also used it on our Fisher Price – Infant to Toddler Rocker.  This is an ok bouncer.  Nothing extremely special about it.  The only thing with this bouncer is that there is no way for your baby to touch the toys it comes with.  It’s just too far away for them to reach.  The carrier toy bar works quite well with this bouncer.

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My Eczema – How it Started (Part 3)

Gradually over the next 2 years, most of my acne finally subsided.  Unfortunately, that’s when my eczema started to escalate.  My face was now extremely red and itchy.  I felt like I was starting right from the beginning again.  I went to see my family doctor and she prescribed Nerisone 0.1% ointment for me.  It worked so well!  I was ecstatic.  So, for the next 3 years, I used Nerisone almost every single day.  I tried stopping many times, but the minute I stopped, my face would be so red and itchy that I just couldn’t bare it.  I was too vain to go out in public with rashes.

By the third year, the Nerisone stopped working.  No matter how much or how many times a day I applied it, it just didn’t seem to be helping anymore.  I went back to the doctor to see if I could get a stronger prescription, but she refused to give me one.  Her advice was for me to stop using cortisones right away and to put nothing on my face, not even a moisturizer.  I told her it wasn’t possible because my face would rash up and bleed.  Her solution was for me to only use glycerin and rose water on my face.  In her words, “Would you rather rash or bleed?”  Um…neither, really.

I stopped seeing my family doctor after that appointment.

I had run out of my beloved Nerisone and my face was a wreck. 

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My Eczema – How it Started (Part 2)

By the time I turned 18, everything changed.  I started getting very irritable and  I developed a temper that was like no other.  I was constantly yelling and picking fights with my boyfriend (now husband).  Even now, I have to wonder why he stayed with me.  I was utterly horrific. 

Gradually, over the year, I also started getting zits.  Lots of it.  A gazillion little tiny ones on my forehead and lots of larger ones on my face.  I decided to get some acene treatments done at an asian beauty centre.  It was horrible sitting there letting them pop each and every one of those zits with a needle.  I paid for 10 sessions, which cost me an arm and a leg consdering I only had a part-time job working at a fast food joint, but I only ended up going to 3 treatments before I gave up.  It was painful and it didn’t seem like it was working.  I was lost and I just didn’t know what to do.

Upon my boyfriend’s urging, I went to see a well-known dermatologist.  She prescribed a topical acne medication, and what she called “water pills”.  I didn’t know what water pills were at that time, but it didn’t matter to me because all I wanted was to get rid of the acne.

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Queen – Quick Tip on Pores

According to Xiao-Kai (小凱老師) on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大), the pores on your face should be round.  If they are oval in shape, you are dragging/pulling your skin too hard when you are applying your skincare and/or foundation.  You should always apply skincare gently in a massaging motion until your face is dry.  This helps your skin to absorb the skincare.  Foundation should be applied with a light hand.  The best way to apply foundation is to gently pat it onto your skin with a damp sponge or with your fingers.

Darn.  My pores are oval.  But then again, I kinda expected it.  Years of scratching my eczema prone face, and the use of cortisones and immunosuppressants certainly damaged my skin.  Thank goodness for make-up.  Can’t live without it.

Anyways, here are some face massage scans from the April 2009 issue of Bea’s Up that I got from Beautyscapes’ website: 







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My Eczema – How it Started (Part 1)

Having eczema has always been a part of my life.  I was born with it.  According to my mom, it started to get really bad when I was about 6 months old.  Apparently, I was sick with a cough, so she applied some Vicks ointment on my neck.  After a few days, my neck broke out in rashes.  However, they continued with the ointment because, by then, I was wheezing.

I remember scratching til my wound was beyond bloody.  It was raw, infected and weeping.  My eczema was the worse on my neck and behind my knees.  However, my eczema never really bothered me (not that I can remember) until I turned 10.  All of a sudden, I realized no one else had the rashes and I was trying very hard to “fit in”. 

I decided it had to stop once and for all.  I spent the whole summer just sitting and lying on the couch trying not to scratch.  Whenever I got really itchy, I would get my mom to blow on it, or go over it gently with a piece of tissue.  By the time school started again, my eczema was almost all gone.  My skin was unbelievably well-behaved after that summer.  My childhood eczema was over.  Even better, I barely even had any zits throughout high school.

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